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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Disaster somewhat averted! I spoke to my mother, aka my knitting guru, and we worked out a solution for my afghan. I was calculating the blanket's size based on the idea that each strip I knit would be the same width-- not so, my friend, not so. The strips vary in width, most are rather narrow, actually, and that means that Iwill get more length out of each strip. I still think I'll need to take my mother's advice, though, and buy a very similar yarn to do the border with, so I can dedicate all 20 skeins of my Lion Brand Alpaka to the main body of the blanket. She knit this blanket with 25 skeins. I think I can get mine almost as large as hers if I supplement my stash. I started a different strip-- I'll post a picture later!


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