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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Here I am, just another insomniac waiting for sleep to arrive. I never had trouble sleeping before. I guess I'm out of my 'comfort zone' so I feel a little thrown off. I've moved half away across the country, gotten married, and I'm yet to find a job out here. Everything started out so promising-- I embraced each free day, getting up early to run or ride my mountain bike. Then, the days began to stretch out. I learned to procrastinate and soon my morning workout was an afternoon sprint I crammed in before my husband came home. I was never a big TV fan, but all of a sudden I find myself channel surfing for hours each day! It has to STOP! I was never lazy, and I cannot become lazy now. I am going to get in bed, fall asleep, and wake up renewed tomorrow-- I shall reclaim my life and document it in pictures! Noone likes to read a blogger's complaints, anyway. So, join me as I rededicate myself to the hobbies I love-- running, reading, cycling, painting, etc. Enjoy!