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Thursday, August 18, 2005

A knitting disaster!! Oh no! I have been working on the afghan for about 1 and a half months now. Even though I have a ton of free time the going has been slow because I'm good at procrastinating and their are other hobbies that I like to pursue during the day. But today was a milestone in the project because I finished the second ball of yarn. Hurray, I thought, progress! Having reached this milestone, I decided it was time to measure the strip and see how it measured up. And then my breakdown began...

I have knit up 2 of my 20 balls of yarn for this project. The strip, unblocked, measures about 40 inches. Each strip is supposed to be 66 inches in length-- and I have to knit 9 strips, not including the 4 border strips. So, lets say each main strip is going to take about 3 balls of yarn, or maybe a bit less. 3 times 9 is 27! I do not have 27 balls of yarn, I have only 20!

The first idea that ran through my head was that I would just make a small blanket. With my 20 balls of yarn I calculated that I could come up with a blanket that would total about 48 x 48 inches. Then I thought it over and began to wonder what I would do with a square like that. It wouldn't cover me when I stretched out on the couch... And it wouldn't accommodate two people very well.

It was too late to call any knitting buddies. I especially wanted to speak with my mother because she gave me the yarn and pattern for this project. But lacking knitting folk to talk with, I explained my problem to my husband. He immediately pointed out how ridiculous a small square blanket would be. He insisted I tear out the entire project and then suggested I buy new yarn and get a new pattern and make something completely different. He just didn't understand that this is the blanket I want, and I want it done in THIS yarn! (Although it was generous of him to suggest I buy more yarn.)

My newest plan is to tear back and restart the project on larger needles. I'm currently using a size 9. I wonder if I could conceivably go up to an 11. I think that would be pushing it. But if I could knit the blanket on a size 10 and maybe make it a little narrower so I at least get enough length to cover someone laying down on a couch, it could work. Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but I won't give up this project. My mother knit this same blanket a few years ago, and of all the afghans in our house, this was always my favorite. Being newly married I am very eager to knit my first afghan for my husband and I. Maybe it was just too romantic of an idea...

In other knitting news, I wound my Portuguese yarn into balls to night and I plan on swatching tomorrow for a camisole I plan to knit. A nice camisole is perfect for the desert, and a nice change from a wooly blanket (and all of the other wool projects I did this winter).

Good night!


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