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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Auf Wiedersehen

Well, its official. I've spent 2 full weeks without the hubby and I did not accomplish the 'serious' knitting I dreamt of on the eve of his departure. Granted, I finished a pair of socks and I'm down to the last 5 or so rounds on my Tivoli T, but that is the only knitting I did! Looking back, I know where my time went. I read a number of books, watched even more movies, and had 3 intense nights of playing scrabble with the one person I am friends with in El Paso. I feel pathetic admitting I have only one friend, but, this friend has lived here twice as long as me and he hasn't made any friends besides me yet, either. Moving to a new place is kinda tough, I've realized.

Tomorrow I'm going on the trip with my parents that I've been looking forward to so much. We are going to the annual hot air balloon fest in Albuquerque. I can't wait to see all the balloons! I love traveling with my parents, but I'm looking forward to coming back because the day after I return I get to go pick up my DH at the airport. His birthday is this sunday, but obviously we're waiting to celebrate it until we're actually together. I'm going to bake him a carrot cake from scratch. I think I cook and bake more than the average urban twenty-something, but the idea of baking a carrot cake from scratch seems like a huge deal to me, for some reason.


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