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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Time for Some Serious Knitting

Well, my husband is away for the next three weeks. I'm trying to look at the bright side-- that I'll have so much more time to knit, but I can't help feeling lonely! I'm trying to ignore my feelings of sadness. I have three knitting goals for the next couple of weeks. Number 1 is very easy-- I have to fnish my second sock so I have a pair. Number 2 is more challenging-- I need to swatch some yarn and then begin knitting the Picovoli T-shirt. Number 3 is my ongoing project-- I want to make a little more progress on my knit afghan. I do not have enough yarn for this project and I have yet to find a suitable yarn to use for the border, so my going has been slow because it just isn't exciting to knit a project that I know I can't finish for lack of yarn.

Anyway, I'm very excited by my knitting prospects. What's even more exciting is that my intrepid parents are going to visit me in two weeks and solve my loneliness problem and take me on a wonderful odyessey through New Mexico and Arizona. The trip will be heavenly... details later.


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