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Friday, April 28, 2006

Nautie the Nautiloid, aka Max

Yay! I finally have a finished object to post here! Granted, it is only a tiny mollusk, but soon I should be posting images of a feathery lace stole and a lovely honeymoon cami!

Anyway, back to Nautie, or Max, as mine is called. I knit max on size 4 dpns with some unnamed acrilyic scraps from a friend's stash. I am quite pleased with the little guy and i am sure he will become good friends with Kate (the kitten in britches from knitty).

Monday, April 24, 2006

Time Flies!

Wow, I haven't created a single post since January, and now it is nearly May. I can tell you exactly what happend: Graduate School. All of a sudden I decided I wanted an MBA, so i dutifully studied for and took the GMAT, applied to several schools, and just recieved a letter notifying me of my admission to one of my top choices. And, they offered me a scholarship! So, now I get to rest easy for a while... until mid-august, at least.

I'm hoping to knit quite a lot between now and then, because once classes begin I don't expect to have much free time.

I am still working on my feathery lace stole... I ignored it for all of February and March. I also just started Nautie the Nautiloid from the most recent issue of knitty. I knit her body and most of her face this weekend. Hopefully I'll be posting pictures of a complete Nautie by this Tuesday or Wednesday.

I hope to begin knitting the honey moon cami (also from Knitty) sometime this week, being that I'm getting married and going on a honeymoon this summer!

The only other knitting I've done recently was to create a small knit hamster for a friend's birthday. Unfortunately, I never got a picture of it.